BillingFox Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of our hosting billing software.

  • Multi-language system BillingFox let's your customers use their own language so you can have an international hosting customer base.
  • Easy-to-use No technical skills needed, everything is easier with BillingFox.
  • Knowledgebase system Let your customers find answers to their questions, post "hosting blog" articles and grow your customers knowledgebase with our articles system.
  • Developer friendly You can create an entire client area style even in 2 minutes with BillingFox rendering system or you can go harder and fully customize every part of your customer dashboard.
  • In-built help-desk system Let your customers contact you trough an in-built hosting help-desk system empowered by tickets and different operators.
  • Useful stats about your customer base You, as administrator, need data about your online hosting business customers and BillingFox is providing useful data for marketing purposes.
  • Beautiful themes and client area styles We and our merchants love to create new resources for your website, so we provide a lot of themes and client area styles in our BillingFox Marketplace.
  • User roles & permissions system You can create roles for employees and staff then assign different permissions per-role, so you can manage your team easier.
  • SEO Friendly We made it easy to make your BillingFox hosting website SEO-friendly with custom URLs, SEO suggestions, hosting website quality score and more.
  • Multi & Custom Currency system You can add custom currencies in your website so your customers can use their preferred payment currency.
  • Newsletter system Marketing is easy with BillingFox, our hosting billing software will automate some of your marketing stats and let you use a wonderful newsletter system.
  • Affiliate system Make your audience grow your customer base with our in-built affiliate system.
  • Easy-to-debug The BillingFox DebugBar will provide useful information about problems on your website and quick fixes available.
  • Lots of integrations We prepared lots of integrations for your online business so you can sell everything automatically, no hassle.
  • Completely automated Everything from hosting, order processing and payment processing to invoices and minimal marketing will be handled automatically by BillingFox.
  • BillingFox is providing solutions to problems BillingFox will identify and try to fix problems in your website automatically and it will provide fix suggestions to problems fount in your hosting business website.
  • Secure Security is extremely important to us and our customers, so we make sure that your hosting billing software is secure.
  • Support Our team is available to help you any time when using our web software.
  • Customer deposits Your customers can deposit funds in their accounts easily and use them later for future purchases.
  • Coupons system You can provide promotion discount codes to your customers and enlarge your audience by providing discount coupons.

And much more!

BillingFox is frequently updated and new features are rising fast.