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What is BillingFox?

BillingFox is a SaaS ("Software-as-a-Service") billing software made initially for hosting providers (but not limited to) domain providers and other subscription service providers.

Can BillingFox be hosted in your own web server or shared web hosting plan?

Yes, BillingFox can be self hosted..

What if the integration i need isn't existing yet?

If you would like to have BillingFox integrated with any other external services you can easily check our documentation if you have proper skills in development, otherwise you can request a custom addon made for your desired integration at, we deserve the right to refuse your request but usually we would be happy to approve your request,

Also there are many development companies and BillingFox partners that can help you with your request.

Can i request a free development license for coding purposes?

Yes, if you would like to create addons, themes and client areas for BillingFox we would be very happy to provide a development license for your domain or subdomain for development purposes.

How can i get help with my BillingFox installation?

You can request help via our website ticketing system or email us at, in case you got the license from a partner we advice users to request help from your license provider, if it fails, you can get support from us.

What if i find a website using or providing pirated licenses?

We are taking piracy very serious, in case you find a website that is providing pirated BillingFox products, addons, themes or client areas, you should email us at immediately.

Can i become a marketplace merchant?

Yes, we are happy to provide a merchant account to you, for first you will have to email us at, after your approved we will give you the merchant account panel where you can sell or give for free client areas, themes and addons.

I'm a non-profit and i would like to use BillingFox, what should i do?

For first you should email us at with your organization details, including domain name, age, etc...

I would like to partner with BillingFox, what should i do?

BillingFox partners are divided by 3 types:

To start  you should read partner benefits and how-to-start guide on our "become a partner" page.