Terms and conditions

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BillingFox.Net ("BF", "BillingFox") is a billing software owned and managed by THOS-SOFTWARES LTD. and is made for hosting & domain providers.
Every BillingFox partner will have one or more of the following partnership types with BillingFox:

Privacy policy

BillingFox or any third party services used by BillingFox will collect data such as cookies, IP addresses or account information to improve our services and help us
with analytics.

Every website that is using the software will send data such as customer amount, profits, license information, API usage information & other informaton linked with API to BillingFox for imporving our services.

EULA (End-user-license-agreement)

By using any service provided by BillingFox (the "Software") or / and registering your account in this website you will have to agree EULA,
Terms & Conditions and privacy policy.

BillingFox reserves the right to refuse service to any organisation or individual at its discretion.
BillingFox reserves all rights in, and all ownership of the billing software and other third-party extensions.

Usage policy

The software can be used for any purposes you (the "Customer") want, excluding illegal products or services.

Addons, custom scripts or installers that try to avoid license limitations or licensing system itself are forbidden and may result in punishments stated in this documents (the "Terms").


Every BillingFox partner must have its website active and sell minimum one license per month to let the partner account be active, in case a BillingFox partner website
is inactive or is hurting software reputation the partner account will be deactivated without prior notice.

BillingFox partners may sell licenses for a price above $0.5 or give them for free with any other products that are available in merchant's (partner's) website.

Partners should notify users about BillingFox and not take BillingFox as their own software.

Partner tier can be downgraded or removed from websites that are breaking BF terms & conditions

Intellectual property

The software code, styling marketing strategies, logos, graphic designs, main website, partner & license type badges are intellectual properties of BillingFox.Net and its owners, the rest of BillingFox software and main website parts are property of their respective owners.

Any participant on breaking of intellectual property terms will be punished by applicable law and be responsive for any court fees.


BillingFox cannot be sued for any security breaks and / or an data loss caused by BillingFox or any third-party products or services provided by BillingFox.

The owner of the website is responsive for any data loss, security breaks or server failures caused by BillingFox.


BillingFox will help you with answers to questions regarding to your installation, pricing, custom payments, development if you have a BillingFox-Direct license.

You may get support even if you got a BillingFox license from a partner but you should provide information such as: from where did you got the license and what is your BillingFox installation domain.

Website & Services

BillingFox is not giving any guarantee that website, (but not limited to) API or third-party services will be always online and it cannot get sued for problems caused by website when it's offline.

Refunds & purchases

BillingFox will sell licenses and third-party softwares via payment methods stated on cart page, BillingFox can accept other payment methods at its sole discretion.

BillingFox will give you a 3 days money back guarantee from the payment date, every custom payment method cannot be refunded as we can allow refunds only on website's base payment methods (payment methods stated on checkout or cart page).

Every refund request should be made by emailing BillingFox office department at office@billingfox.net and we deserve the right to refuse your refund request in following cases: web server failures, hosting provider problems, budget problems, breaking of terms and conditions, business interruption, losing of profit (or sales) or development issues.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by romanian law, BillingFox and you both agree to these terms and conditions and agree that romanian law will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Breaking of terms and conditions may conduct to license suspension, blacklisting of the sued domain (but not limited to), law punishments and other legal punishments stated in our terms and conditions.